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Welcome to Mega KG Supermarket - your destination for quality, convenience, and community. Our carefully curated selection ensures the highest standards of products. Our dedicated team provides exceptional service, making your shopping experience enjoyable. We prioritize convenience with efficient checkout systems and a seamless online shopping option. As an active member of the community, we contribute to its well-being. Choose Mega KG for a hassle-free, satisfying shopping experience.

MEGA KG Supermarket Branches

As a proud member of the Hwange City community, we actively contribute to its growth and development. We support local initiatives and engage in partnerships that foster a sense of belonging and unity. Visit any of our three Mega KG Supermarket branches in Hwange City and experience the convenience, quality, and community that sets us apart. Thank you for choosing Mega KG as your trusted shopping destination.

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Mega KG Number 2 Madumabisa Hwange

Mega KG A section Madumabisa Hwange

Mega KG Number 3 Makwika Hwange